Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bernstein's "Truth in a Time of War"

Leonard Bernstein was a morally serious and politically savvy man. His 1986 speech, "Truth in a Time of War," was recently published in the American Scholar with introduction by Harvard musicologist Carol J. Oja and Library of Congress Bernstein Collection archivist Mark E. Horowitz. The speech shows Bernstein at his prescient best.


Al said...

All of this makes me not want to wait for Professor Seldes' book. Finally someone will discuss this important facet of Bernstein's life.

Barry Seldes said...

I certainly thank Al for his comment. The book will be out in May. You can find a link to my book in my post regarding the University of California Press, below.


Stacy said...

I read the speech from Leonard Bernstein to mention here, "Truth in a Time of War," If I think it morally wrong but that he was a crazy person .. as cazy as don't take generic viagra