Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tea Party: It Could Have Been Worse

So how did the Tea Party and its leader Sarah Palin do in this last, November 2, 2010 election? Tea Party candidates won many seats in the House of Representatives. But as regards the Senate, Sharron Angle lost; O'Donnell lost; Tancredo lost; Buck lost; looks like Miller has lost. And granted that Paul and Rubio won, nevertheless the Tea Party's expectations of taking over the Republican Party, not to mention the Republic itself, have been severely blunted. The establishment Republicans who now control the House will have to work with Democrats in order to pass legislation that business interests are demanding; otherwise they will look like obstructionists and hand Obama his second term victory in 2012. Tea Party threats to overwhelm moderate Republicans will be countered by the knowlege that Angle's and O'Donnell's promises to get rid of Social Security not only defeated them, but kept the Senate in the hands of the Democrats.

On the tragic side: among many other good congresspersons who went down was Alan Grayson. Ah the pity of it.

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Robert Onyoni said...

Professor Seldes, the American electorate never ceases to amaze. The Tea Party claims to be "taking their country back". From whom? A Kenyan impostor? 2 out of 3 Americans don't believe President Obama is a Christian or that he was born in Hawaii. What happened to the good Reverend Wright who almost derailed Obama's campaign? How many recall that McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone therefore making him more of a "foreigner" than Obama who was at least born in a full-fledged state?

I look forward to Miller's defeat in Alaska as I hope it will bring an end to the Palin phenomena once & for all. The first senate "write-in" victory in decades by Murkowski over Tea bagger backed Miller will take the sting out of the Dem's "shelaking" in congress as sanity will be seen to have prevailed.